Never give up your dreams if you want to succeed.

Never give up your dreams if you want to succeed, change your life, bring abundance into your life and live a chosen life and not a sudden one.

That you have dreams and ambitions in life.

You have the flame of success in you and you seek to maintain it and make it grow.

And you're right.

You are 1000 times right to want more out of life, to want to blossom, to want to bring in abundance and to make your dreams come true.

And for...

How can we radically change our lives (even without money)?

Wanting to change your life is a feeling that many of us share. Dissatisfied with our current life, we want only one thing: to transform it to live well, to live happily...

But changing lives is far from obvious because it implies reprogramming oneself, changing one's habits in depth. Questioning all aspects of our lives is never easy!

Because it implies a radical change in the actions that define us.

And then there's something else.

Have yo...

How can you change your life without money and succeed for sure?

A life review can sometimes be positive or negative. Either we are proud of what we have accomplished and this pride motivates us to do more. Either way, the toll is disastrous. In the second case, you are desperate to the point where you can tell yourself that you don't belong. This idea haunts you and tortures you until the day you decide to leave and leave, but here you are, you have nothing. So how can you change your life without money? Read the rest of this article if you are in this si...

26 tips for changing your life

You see others succeeding in changing their lives. Whether it's losing weight, eating healthier, or starting their own business. And you too can change yours, as many others before you have done.

Here are 26 tips to successfully change your life:

1. Be sure you really want to make this change, that it is for yourself that you want to do it and not for someone else. Changing for others never brings happiness.

2. Find and maintain the motivat...

Knowing yourself well to achieve your full potential

Choose and know each other to free yourself and realize yourself....
Choose yourself:

Choosing oneself is first of all welcoming, accepting, loving, respecting, making decisions and taking action for oneself and from oneself, not perfectly, but as we can today, at our own pace, with all the ups and downs that this entails.

Every day, we have many opportunities to choose ourselves, to say yes when we think yes, and no when we think no. You can decide to e...

Making your dreams come true: eight good strategies that will help you

Realizing your dreams is 80% self-control and psychology. The rest is time management.

Having dreams is very rooted in the human being. The writer Milan Kundera even argues that dreaming is proof that imagining, dreaming what has not been, is one of man's deepest needs. So if you're interested in this topic, I'd like to summarize eight proven strategies that will help you move forward towards realizing your own dreams.

1- Put yourself in the best possible state of...

Sociadream - The new social network to realize your dreams through your connection

What is Sociadream?

Sociadream is a social network to help you plan, organize and realize your dreams with your network.

Create your profile, setup your most crazy dreams and objectives, find the right and matching people to guide you to make your dreams happens!

Invite your friends, and business people to get more visibility. And the most important to make it happens, believe in it and in yourself!

How to join Sociadream?

Go to the r...