How can we radically change our lives (even without money)?

Wanting to change your life is a feeling that many of us share. Dissatisfied with our current life, we want only one thing: to transform it to live well, to live happily...

But changing lives is far from obvious because it implies reprogramming oneself, changing one's habits in depth. Questioning all aspects of our lives is never easy!

Because it implies a radical change in the actions that define us.

And then there's something else.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why do I want to change my life? Everything is fine though... I have a family, friends, a job, a roof... I shouldn't complain and rather be satisfied with what I said"

Wanting to change your current life even if it is satisfying is not a crime. And you're not at fault. This is perfectly legitimate and you are perfectly right to wish it.

Life is short and it only makes sense if you are able to live the life of your dreams... Not the other way around. (See also: How to give and find meaning to your life)

Transforming your daily life to make it rich in experience and simulating, it's perfectly normal and perfectly stimulating!

Do not impose barriers on yourself and above all do not try to hinder your objectives!

To write this article, we called on Johan who recently launched the startup tidayo. Their project: Help people change their lives radically to achieve their goals!

Can you change your life overnight?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. You feel the need to change your daily life when you are in a difficult situation. And of course, we would like to change overnight.

But it's difficult. And most importantly, it shouldn't be your main objective. To achieve a life you enjoy, you must gradually change all the problematic things in it.

It is not a sprint but a marathon... Don't be discouraged by the magnitude of the task. Time is a limited resource and every second spent in a life that we don't like is a second lost!

So it's true that long-term changes are not necessarily easy to implement overnight... If you want to start with something more modest, we invite you to read our article "The challenge of changing your life in just seven days"

How to change your life radically 

As with everything, it is easier to change when you have a well-established plan. Here are some rules to follow to hopefully transform your life in depth.

Setting objectives

Setting objectives allows you to have a direction and above all to measure your progress. The more you progress in an area, the more motivated you will be to continue your effort.

Two types of objectives must be distinguished:

- Long-term objectives

LT objectives are the main objectives of your life. "Becoming happy", "Creating and developing your business", "Meeting true love and starting a family", etc.

These are objectives that you can work towards now but that will take time to materialize. For these objectives, it is difficult to set a deadline.

Be careful, however: You must ensure that you work towards your LT objectives. Everyone would like to make their dreams come true....but very few people work there! Setting objectives MUST be used to implement a plan.

If you set LT objectives without taking short-term actions to achieve them, it is useless!

- Short-term objectives

Unlike LT objectives, short-term objectives can be set at short notice. 1 month, 6 months, 1 year.

These are objectives that you can therefore achieve very quickly. They are very important because they help us to achieve our motivation: Every day, you can work towards your CT objectives and see your progress!

Very important, your short-term objectives must somehow serve your long-term objectives.

Example of short-term objectives: Learning German in 6 months, Losing 15 kilos over a year, Learning programming. Expand your social circle by having one or two meetings every month, etc.

Plan a positive routine

Now that you have set your goals, you need to develop an action plan, a routine that gradually allows you to achieve the goals you have set. In the idea, you have to learn to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits in all aspects of your life.

Don't overdo it! It's tempting to set up a very busy schedule to go fast... But if it's difficult to keep up, it won't help you.

Start gradually. Dedicated a few tens of minutes a day to your objectives. If you have several, learn to divide your time as you go along.

This constructive routine will allow you to change your life a little bit every day... And over time, the change will be radical thanks to your new (good) habits.

Use a "guarantor".

Talk to a friend/family member about your goals and plan. By doing this, you will be making a kind of "commitment" to the people you love...

And of course, you don't want to disappoint or be seen as someone who doesn't know how to keep his commitments!

The idea is that you should regularly (once a month for example) review your progress. This will highlight the changes you have implemented in your life!

Accurately track your progress

Unfortunately, you can't always move as fast as you want! To avoid losing motivation, it is important to monitor your progress very accurately.

When you look at your situation in general, you will have the impression that nothing has changed when in reality, through small actions, you have succeeded in making changes in your daily life!

Precisely measuring your progress helps to keep your spirits up when things don't go fast enough: You realize that you have made progress despite everything!

Accept failure!

Yes, unfortunately, even if you have set rational objectives and put in place a good implementation plan, failure is always possible. This must not be a brake, quite the contrary!

You have to accept failure and see it as a way to accelerate your life change in the long term.

The real failure is never to take action. That is why the law of attraction is extremely dangerous. The latter encourages a too passive vision of personal development!

Taking care of yourself

It's hard to start a new life if you're not in good shape. Poor health prevents you from devoting all your energy to making your dreams and projects come true.

Taking care of yourself goes through several ways:

- Sport: Sport is simply the best way to take care of yourself.

- Diet: Choose a balanced and diversified diet.

- Sleep: being rested is vital!

Don't forget your mind!

Your brain is the place where all your ideas are born! While physical health is important, mental health is just as important.

To change over time, you need to be constantly stimulated, to have new ideas and new inspirations. And above all, learn to relax! A brain that heats up 100% of the time eventually becomes ineffective... Learn to relax with a passion that relaxes you and changes your mind!

It is also essential to surround yourself with creativity to break the limiting routine in which we are all immersed!

Implement a change in your progressive life
When you make the decision to change your life, it is often because you are going through a difficult time with different newcomers. You only want one thing: to change your life overnight by reprogramming your brain...

Except it's not possible. Your current lifestyle is rooted in you, you can't expect to change everything in the space of a day.

On the contrary, it is a gradual change that must be implemented.

Through a new routine and habits, you will change, step by step, different aspects of your daily life.

We're not going to lie to each other... We'd all like to at some point change our lives!

Sometimes you have to take big hits. A dismissal, a bereavement, a separation... We have the impression that everything around us is collapsing. We only want one thing: to go far, far away and completely change our lives.....

And sometimes there are no big events... Just an accumulation of fatigue and routine. It's boring. At work, in love, with love, in short, we get bored and don't know what to do anymore.

We only need one thing: CHANGE!

Yes except that it is easy to say but very DIFFICULT to set up. For several reasons. If you really want to transform your life, it requires you to give up many things and habits.

And to make matters worse, it also requires some financial resources. At least on the surface. In reality, you can change your life without money if you ask yourself the right questions. And that's what we're going to do together! 😀

In this article, we will focus on the relationship between change and money.

If you're looking for something more general, know that we're doing a full article on life changing advice in a radical way. In this post, we review the different ways to change your life!

How can you change your life without money?
The media and popular culture associate change with money. Magazines love stories where an actor, athlete, entrepreneur has been able to change his life thanks to his financial success.

"He started from nothing but today he has everything." "From now on, his life is completely different."...

We therefore associate, sometimes unconsciously, change and money and we imply that without it, it is impossible...

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In reality, you can change your life without even having a single euro.

Changing your daily life requires reprogramming, taking on new habits. And this change of habit costs nothing!

Take stock of your situation
You have decided to start a new life....That's very good! But before you throw yourself in the face first, take a first look at where you stand.

- What do you want to change, what do you want to improve?

- are you satisfied with your professional, personal, sentimental situation?

It's time to take care of yourself
The best investment you can make... It's investing in you! Play sports, eat well, learn, meet new people.

In short, take care of yourself and feel free to spend money for your well-being (you are the one and only pillar of your success).

Stay away from toxic people
It's sometimes very difficult to get away from bad people....Why? Because they are in our close or even very close surroundings.

And yet, it is essential... If a person pulls you down, by his actions or words, you must not stay with him.

Aside from exhausting you and driving you around in circles, it won't bring you anything more!

Make changes in your life even without money
You can make a fresh start even when you're not rolling in gold. Lack of money is not always easy to manage but it should not prevent you from being happy... Never!

Some ideas to implement in your daily life.


If you are sedentary, sport is a great way to get back on your feet and broaden your perspectives. Can you really change your life without being in shape? An iron health not only allows you to enjoy life better, but also to be more energetic and productive.

Apprenticeship and training:

Training to acquire new skills and thus create opportunities... So, yes, a lot of training is paid for but there are 2 places where you can learn a lot of things for free. Internet and the library!

Tons of books and resources to learn new languages, to create websites or a new profession.

Broaden your social circle:

Meet new people, make new friends... A great way to change your daily life without spending a penny. By surrounding yourself with positive people, you risk being contaminated by a positive mindset... And that's rather good news! 😀

Taking on a challenge: Transforming your life in just 7 days
At some point, nothing suits us anymore in our daily lives.

We only want one thing: To change our lives at any cost... If the idea holds in a few words, it is on the other hand very complicated to set up... Even more so in a very short time.

But then why write an article with the title "How to change your life in 7 days"?

Because at Adviene, we like challenges! 😀

We will explain right away....

Develop good habits in just 7 days
This is possible for a very simple reason: Any change is gradual. Any change is made from day to day.

If you have improved your habits today compared to yesterday, then you are already in a dynamic of change. The REAL challenge, as always, is to maintain change as long as possible....

Only change over time can transform your daily life. When a life change occurred after a year, it was because every day (in the past year) there were small changes.

These micro-changes in themselves didn't give much but put together, it ends up giving something!

So yes, changing your life after 7 days is possible... But this change will remain minimal. On the other hand, if you continue the effort, then the result will necessarily be more important! 😀

Why make a challenge over 7 days and not over a longer period?
This is something that "procrastinators" know well: the bigger (and therefore more difficult) a task is, the less likely it is to be done.

The goal here is to set up a routine and develop good habits over a week to prove one thing: Making positive changes in your daily life is not insurmountable! And it's even more pleasant in the end.

Because yes, don't forget one fundamental thing: Changing your life is about bringing you closer to happiness. We want to transform our daily lives to be happy, to feel good and to live a rich and fulfilling life... And so, inevitably, the habits and routines we put in place bring us closer to this ideal!

How can I change in seven days?
This format will allow 2 things:

1) Realize that it is indeed good for the body and mind to incorporate positive routines.

2) Do not introduce a change that is too traumatic. A week is a short time and it's not at all engaging.

In short, you can only get positive out of it.

Challenge number 1: Sport

Sport is excellent for health, mood and self-confidence. Not only does this allow fat to be burned, but it also secretes hormones that are beneficial to well-being, such as endorphins.

It is not always easy to fit a sports session into a busy daily life, and for that, there is nothing better than methods like HIIT that allow intensive and effective training over very short periods of time (and above all, it can be done at home).

Challenge number 2: Learn a new thing every day!

Personal development also involves stimulating the mind! Every day must be an opportunity to learn something new. There is of course reading, but that's not all!

We can also mention documentaries or simply debates with relatives. The more you learn and develop knowledge, the more you feed your diet.

And you can never have too many good ideas! 😉

Challenge number 3: Get out of your comfort zone every day

Learning to get out of your comfort zone is ESSENTIAL!

The comfort zone is the zone in which you are comfortable... It is by definition a static zone, which does not evolve... If you really want to change your life, you must absolutely get used to breaking your comfort zone regularly...

How to do this? It all depends on you! Choose actions with which you are not very comfortable... and do them!

It can be talking to strangers, going out to play sports, going away for a weekend alone in another city, taking a drama class, in short, doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable!

Challenge number 4: Break your habits

For the duration of the challenge, 7 days, make sure you break your habits.

Take different paths to work, go to different bars and restaurants than you usually go to, try a different style of clothing, in short, break the routine in a simple way!

Why is this a good challenge? Because changing lives radically implies a profound change in the way of life. Put it like that, it sounds anecdotal but all the elements that make up your routine end up freezing you in the long term!

Challenge number 5: Work for your big project

This is the most important challenge. We all have projects that have been dragging our heads for years:

create a website
learn a language
learn to program
go on a world tour
start a business
All these projects require time to be planned... Take advantage of this 7-day challenge to start, to lay the first bricks of this vast site that awaits you!

Changing lives requires taking action... So this is the perfect opportunity for FINALLY launching the machine! 🙂

Continuing the change....
Of course, the goal is to continue on this dynamic. If you have met each challenge day after day, you must start to feel the first positive effects:

Your self-confidence is boosted because you realize that you are able to set and stick to constraints...Why not extend the effort to see how far it can take you? 😀

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