Fullname : Rudy Gonzalez
Ultimate life dream
Being a talented actor and coder
Community Manager 👥
Game Designer 💭
Graphic Designer ✍️
Coder 💻
Beatboxer 🎙
Musician / Rapper👨‍🎤
Projects Leader 💡
Actor soon 👀
French 🇫🇷
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
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Apr 2019
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Become famous Being a famous actor
Apr 2019
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Live somewhere Live in USA
Rudy Gonzalez

EN : Please note that the problem that makes you have notifications even when it's not your post will be resolved soon!

FR : Le problème qui fait en sorte que vous recevez une notification même quand ça ne concerne pas une de vos publications sera réparé bientôt !

Rudy Gonzalez


EN : You can click on your banner while moving your cursor to adapt it. It saves automatically.

FR : Vous pouvez appuyer sur votre bannière et faire glisser le curseur pour l'adapter. La sauvegarde est automatique.

Rudy Gonzalez

Well, this is my first post so I decided to share something visual and not about me.

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